About BetterStories Limited

BetterStories is an ideas agency with three business units:

  • Media and Communications
  • ICT and Research
  • Business Incubation


The History

The agency has been established in 2008 jointly by a woman entrepreneur, a development professional and an environmentalist to work on an ambitious goal of creating a whole new generation of leaders for Bangladesh through entrepreneurships. The aim was to create at least 1000 leaders by 2050 through Green, Ethical and Responsible Businesses (GERB).



At the core of this organisation is the programme called Leadership through Entrepreneurship which aims to develop at least a thousand
leaders by 2050 to take the country to the global forefront. These young people would lead the nation towards a better future by firstly being high growth and high impact yet responsible entrepreneurs and then gradually preparing to join healthy politics to take
the country out of the shackles of poverty.

These entrepreneurs will learn how to run the country by learning to run business enterprises as businesses are countries in microcosm. The primary areas where we encourage entrepreneurships are Clean Technologies, Tourism, Bio-technology, ICT and Media & Communications.
To help achieve the long-term, ambitious and capital-intensive vision of creating a whole new generation of leaders BetterStories mobilises its own resources by providing professional consulting services in the areas of Communications, Research and ICT where it enjoys a distinct competitive advantage and solid market reputations.



BetterStories tries to create a positive and lasting change for the people it comes across for various reasons. Although a for-profit company by registration it prioritises the needs of the country and therefore, often provides pro-bono services that are of extremely high importance for the country. One such example is the collaborative work with the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Dhaka to help the department enhance the research facilities, modernise teaching-learning and establish a graduate entrepreneurship development programme. The combined efforts have helped the Department win the Academic Innovation Funds 2010-11 from the University Grants Commission worth BDT 42 million. BetterStories often walks extra miles and proactively goes beyond the project brief to deliver customers the most appropriate and cutting-edge services. BetterStories mission is aligned with the
country vision of achieving the middle-income status by 2021 and advanced economy by 2050.

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